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Deep Dive into our Validation Study for a Smart Health Community for Menopause

Deep Dive into our Validation Study for a Smart Health Community for Menopause

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We were really encouraged at the preliminary results of our study into the efficacy of our Smart Health Community for Menopause. It’s becoming clearer every day that a high-tech, high-touch solution is what’s needed to support our community.

The study methodology: 52 women randomised into three groups designed as follows:

Digital intervention only 

  • Integration with wearable technology so Doctors and Nurses can track movement, sleep.
  • Emails sent weekly around a new theme with information, videos, articles.

Group coaching

  • Digital intervention 
  • PLUS six weekly 1.5 hour Group coaching sessions that were doctor led and nurse supported. 

One-on-one coaching 

  • Digital intervention 
  • PLUS 1 hour face-to-face appointment with a Doctor 
  • PLUS six 30 min weekly coaching sessions with a Nurse 

Our preliminary findings: 

The study has validated a positive qualitative change to our whole person holistic approach to menopause as well as empowerment in talking with a trusted group of peers. 

There was a high satisfaction rate of >80% for group and one-on-one coaching 

One of the most important signs was a significant change in control cure subscale indicating participants have more control over their menopause symptoms.

These results can be broken down further into three key areas:

Improved self efficacy and empowerment

  • Improved coping and reduced pressure on the self through saying no, and pacing.

Positive behavioural changes

  • Improved diet, exercise, sleep routine. 

Advocacy, self awareness and compassion

  • Starting conversations around menopause in both personal relationships and at work. 
  • The model allows women to share their symptoms resulting in a supportive community feel and ensuring they don’t feel alone.
  • Having greater knowledge and understanding of the physical and emotional changes being menopause related, it makes this stage in their lives more manageable.
  • The feeling of being more in control as a result of greater self-acceptance regarding menopausal change lead to having more compassion about the self.
  • Better workplace experience resulting from self-compassion and acceptance.
  • Participants were not worried about menopausal changes on work performance and were less anxious overall. 

Key points on why the program worked:

  • Holistic and person-centred approach to menopause: whole person, not just medical.
  • For Group: Empowering talking with peers; atmosphere of trust in group when talking to others.

Comments from participants:

“My baseline felt so bad and now after all the changes and talking about it, my baseline health is like up like here and I feel good getting up in the morning”

“There’s enough wellness industry information out there and marketing and bits, and I’m a bit sick of that … There was no competition. It was purely honest, raw storytelling. And in a world where there’s a lot of misinformation, I appreciated those real stories”

​​”I appreciated the quality of the information, if that makes sense. I think having the doctor there and the nurse, I think it’s really important that that information is valid. It wasn’t just a group of women chatting about their experience that you had some backup of research or experiences”

As you can see, the results and feedback were extremely positive and further cements Metluma as a leader in menopause programs. We look forward to sharing the final results in the coming months.