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The Metluma approach enables you to find balance and live life to the fullest

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The Metluma approach enables you to find balance and live life to the fullest

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An experienced team

Metluma is a doctor-led initiative that provides innovative yet compassionate team-based care. Collectively, our team of highly qualified health and wellbeing professionals specialising in supporting women and their unique health needs.

Backed by science and research, our methods align the science of medical care with alternative therapies, supportive coaching, and technological support. Metluma has a 360 approach that enables women to find balance and live life to the fullest.

Metluma - About
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It’s all in the name

Metluma (/’meh-tl-uma/).

Our name is a combination of the two words; mettle – a person’s ability to cope with difficulties, spirit, and resilience and Uma – the mother goddess of splendour and tranquillity.

Our mission is to ensure women are at their best during this time of their life. We do so by helping women to be strong and resilient while feeling supported and nurtured.

A unique time of your life

For many, mid-life can be an empowering time where women know who they are, have more time to themselves, and have achieved financial independence and a balance between work and life. As this is a time to be enjoyed, we want women to feel great and in optimum health without unnecessary menopause symptoms.

We want to meet women wherever they are on their personal health journey and be a trusted source of information, support, and integrated solutions to enhance women’s quality of life.

Our team

Georgie Drury – Co-founderCEO

Georgie is an experienced entrepreneur and CEO, with a passion for health and technology. As founder and CEO of Springday, a digital platform to measure and improve wellbeing, she built the business into a multi-million dollar global organisation, operating across 13 countries. She is a digital health expert with decades of experience consulting and advising on many digital health startups. Georgie is passionate about innovation in health and wellbeing, particularly women's health. She is a sought-after keynote speaker, strategist and consultant, and is currently on the advisory board for the Corporate Mental Health Alliance Australia (CMHAA).

Metluma - About

Dr Nicole Avard – Co-founder FRACGP B.Med (Newc)

Dr Nicole Avard brings a desire to inspire and innovate. Her 18 years as an Integrative GP has helped her to develop a wealth of experience in understanding the patient journey and meeting people where they are at. She has travelled this journey with 1000's of women. She blends her private practice with work in GP Education and Training and as being a Clinical Adjunct with the National Institute of Complementary Medicine. Nicole is a mother to two teenage children and enjoys decompressing in the ocean and escaping on her electric scooter.

Jarrah Eddy – Co-founder Adv. Dip Naturopathy, Dip Nutrition

Jarrah has 18 years experience in Clinical Nutrition, Naturopathy and building clinics and systems for providing shared integrative medical care. She has had the privilege of spending thousands of hours supporting women and their families through all life stages, and has a passion for education of body literacy and health language to allow women to better connect and advocate for themselves.

As a business owner, mum, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, boss, colleague, creative cook, and amateur potter, Jarrah knows intimately the struggles and joys of spinning all of those plates as many women do.

Our five pillars are the cornerstone of Metluma’s approach to health care