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Metluma, menopause and getting the most out of mid-life

Metluma, menopause and getting the most out of mid-life

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For many, mid-life can be an empowering time. Women know who they are, and have time to themselves, financial independence and found a balance between work and life. However, menopause can throw a spanner in the works. Metluma helps women tackle the symptoms of menopause and get the most out of mid-life.

The Statistics of menopause in the workplace

Women over 50 are also the fastest-growing demographic in the workplace. They are at their most productive and experienced, with a wealth of knowledge to contribute. And all too often, due to menopause, this is when we lose them. With 27 symptoms of menopause, and these symptoms starting up to 7 years before menopause begins, it is no wonder it is hard for women to do their jobs as effectively as they could be.

Menopause affects 100% of women, and up to 10% ultimately leave the workforce as a result of symptoms. We know this can be a difficult time, but it’s easy to underestimate the cost to employers and the workforce. women experiencing symptoms take 40% more leave. And the cost of replacing employees sits at 150% of original salaries. Recent figures peg the annual cost of menopause in Australia at $112,200,000,000.

The Problem

The lack of support for women at this stage of life often leads to a cycle of misinformation, confusion and – most damagingly – isolation. The simple fact is, today’s menopause care pathways are not working. So, what’s the solution? 

From insomnia to anxiety, hot flushes, weight gain and brain fog, there are over 27 symptoms of menopause – many of which can be easily alleviated with guidance. Metluma is here to reduce the impact of menopause by increasing workforce participation, reducing costs to organisations and closing the gap of menopausal aged women in leadership positions. Mid-life should be enjoyed. We want women to feel empowered, to seek out their best selves, without unnecessary symptoms.

The Metluma Menopause Solution

Metluma is rooted in evidence and science, and genuine empathy. We want to meet women wherever they are on their personal health journey, We are a trusted source of information, support, and integrated solutions. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to menopause, experiences can differ greatly. Metluma emphasises holistic care tailored to individual needs. From doctors, naturopaths, psychologists, dieticians, and exercise physiologists, our team creates solutions that are personalised to your needs.

We close the loop of misinformation, inaccessibility and isolation – with holistic approaches and an established sense of community. This is the only data-driven, clinician-led, community supported service in the market. 

Addressing the issue head-on can greatly affect outcomes and improve the rate of retention in the workplace. From our Press Pause seminars to 6-week menopause coaching and a smart health community which offers 24/7 support, there is always somewhere to turn with Metluma. By remotely monitoring patients and triaging risk, we can ensure that patients are consistently supported. Metluma is always checking on you, checking in with you and empowering you to take control of your life. 

About us

Founder Georgie Drury established Metluma with the belief that wellbeing is not a destination you arrive at, unpack your bag and stay at indefinitely. That’s why our health practitioners walk alongside women in their ever-changing health journey.

Metluma’s ethos is to encourage a reconnection to inner wisdom and empowerment so that women can make informed decisions for themselves that reflect their individual circumstances. We use years of clinical knowledge to distil complexity and encourage simplicity. 

Most importantly, we believe that creating a sense of community will decrease the toll menopause takes on women. And in turn, the cost of the workforce will be reduced. This initiative puts women in the forefront – but it benefits everyone.

Metluma provides evidence-based health and wellbeing support for women at all stages of life. Learn how to live longer, be healthier, and optimise your health during menopause.